A thank you note to the contributors

A word of gratitude to those who helped make this project happen


Website Developed and Designed by:

OteK Solutions, which is a small tech company founded by LIU Sana'a graduates.

Main team member in this project is Aiman Noman.

Data Gathering and Entry and Logistics by:

  • Student Center Manager: Abdulwahab Atif

  • IT Club Coordinator: Ehab Al-Sabri

  • Mohammed Al Aghbari


Photographs Taken Mainly By The Talented:

  • Weam Alsaqqaf

  • Shohdi Al-Sofi


Special thanks to all the friendly staff members of LIU. Chief among them are:

  • Dean of the IT Department: Ahmed Taqi

  • LIU Yemen President: Dr. Rida Hazimi.


Thank you all.